Dakota Community Wind Farm Project

Dakota Community Wind is a proposed major community-based wind project connecting central South Dakota to out-of-state electrical markets. DCW is considering linking into the Southwest Power Pool or connecting with the Lincoln County, SD Dakota Power Community Wind project in the future. An analysis is underway to consider “firming” DCW’s power via a proposed pump storage project or with natural gas-fired turbines.

The concept of community wind farms began in Minnesota in the late 1990s. In 2012, at least 77 different community wind projects were installed, ranging in size from 1MW to 78MW, representing 4.3% of the capacity of projects installed for the year.

South Dakota has one of the finest wind regimes in the United States. The purpose of this vast undertaking is to attract new, large-capacity transmission lines to carry power from the source to the energy-hungry eastern electrical grid and help the people of South Dakota benefit in the process. We continue to be incredibly mindful of environmental issues and adhere to rules and regulations regarding the per-engineering phase.

Combining relationships and responsibility to utilize our state’s valuable renewable resource.